Monday, May 3, 2010

Kyleigh's Law

Kyleigh's law is a good law in theory to some but in reality its utterly pointless. Driving is suppose to be a privilege earned and those who do not follow the rules should be punished, at least that's the fair way to do things. the parents should have taught their daughter better judgement so she wouldn't have gotten herself into a situation like that but i guess that's too much to ask. i should have guess our lovely government of new jersey would go to extremes with this law. cops will now be looking for that sticker just too pull over kids for the hell of it thus i assume more tickets will be given out but hey more money for Kristi right? is it really going to take a teen to get stalked and murdered or a girl to get raped for people to truly understand how ridiculous this law is? i hope not but my gut is telling me otherwise. if it was me i wouldn't subject my child to be profiled and singled out. i also feel that the 12 o'clock curfew was perfect. For kids who work and don't get off til 11 they have enough time to get home with out the fear of getting pulled over by a bored cop. i may not have a job yet but i usually don't even leave my friends houses til at least 11 o'clock and since i don't drive its going to be a great inconvenience if my friends are scared to drive me home. i only have my permit as of now and i pray that someone will knock some sense into the government by the time i get my provisional license in September but i know it won't be that easy. until the law does change i will continue to voice my outrage on this "so called Kyleighs law".

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